Where am I on my own priority list?

Choosing priorities in life is incredibly difficult.

It can feel like there are a million people and things vying for your time, attention, and money.

So where is your own health on your priority list? 

Do you wait until the doctor tells you that you have something to worry about? Or would you rather be proactive about your own health and fitness?

We get a lot of people interested in Sycamore CrossFit who are simply not sure about making the investment in themselves. They aren’t sure whether they want to “splurge” on personal training sessions, coach-led group fitness classes, and/or nutrition coaching. But it’s all about priorities!

You might save some money on a $20/month fitness center membership, but are you seeing results? Is there accountability? Do you feel like you know what you’re doing? Are you going regularly?

When my child tells me they want to be on their school’s sports team, I find out how much it costs, and I figure out how to put it into the budget.

When we decide we need to upgrade our car, we figure out how to fit it into the budget because we know we need a reliable vehicle.

You know what you need to be more reliable than your car? Your own body!

We often spend money on our kids or our cable bill or our cars without batting an eye. We know we need it, so we figure it out.

It’s time to make yourself the priority! Invest in your health.

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