Sycamore CrossFit 2023 Summer Sports Performance

Dates:  Tuesday June 20th – Thursday July 27th  (No Class on Tuesday, July 4th)  

Ages 10-17

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 10:15 AM-11:15 AM or 1:15 PM-2:15 PM (limited to that class time only with minor exceptions)

Class Limit to 15 at a time

Cost:  6 Weeks Paid in Full $225 

Soccer Club Sports Performance 10:15 AM Sign-up Link. – Full, room at the 1:15 PM time

Soccer Club CrossFit Sports Performance 1:15 PM Sign-up Link

Each day will start with a performance-based warm-up for injury resilience.   The class structure will be focused on CrossFit. We will be working on increasing speed, power, and strength while maintaining proper form. We will practice jumping, sprinting/running, lifting, and body weight movements to make each athlete the most fit version of themselves.   The goal will be to increase each athlete’s skill with weighted movement and body weight control to improve their strength and resilience on the field.  

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