Meet the Coach – Chris

Chris has been coaching with us since July 2014.

Chris runs our Thrive Program in addition to doing personal training and CrossFit group classes.

When/how did your health and fitness journey begin?

When I was in high school I participated in football and track. I also started trying to improve my nutrition in high school.

I was introduced to CrossFit while I was in the military in 2011. I went to a CrossFit gym for the first time in 2013.

When did you first start coming to Sycamore CrossFit?

Summer 2014

Why did you want to become a coach at SCF?

I coach because I enjoy helping people use physical activity and nutrition to improve their quality of life and help them become the happiest healthiest version of themselves.

What education/certifications do you have?
  • Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training
  • Minor in nutrition
  • Minor in coaching
  • ATC (Certified Athletic Trainer)
  • Working on M.S. ED Exercise Physiology (2021)
  • Primal Health & Wellness Coach Certification
  • CPR/BLS/First Aid Certification
  • CrossFit Level One Certificate
What is your favorite thing about coaching at Sycamore CrossFit?

I believe helping people improve their physical and mental health as well as decrease their chances of death and dysfunction through physical activity and nutrition is one of the most mentally rewarding jobs in the world.

Why should people want to come take a class or do personal training with you?

I aim to make athletes time spent with me one of the best parts of their day. I try to inspire people to reach their goals and enjoy their life. I have a strong desire to help others, especially in a way enjoyable for them and myself.

What is your favorite memory at Sycamore CrossFit?

There are so many good times it’s hard to choose. I would say that anytime the community comes together for the Open, Murph, or an in-house competition is my favorite. It is a huge gathering of like-minded people who sometimes never get to see each other due to being in different class times.

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