Athlete Spotlight – Pam D.

Why did you choose Sycamore CrossFit? Why do you keep coming back?

Ross and Rebecca sang the praises of Sycamore CrossFit and recommended that I give it a try! I was never an athlete but movements are all scalable so even from Day 1, I was able to perform the workouts. I keep coming back because I want to keep getting stronger as well as stay healthy, active and fit! 

What’s your best story about the gym?

Well…Dillon and I winning the in house competition was pretty neat LOL but honestly FNL 2019 was very memorable and the best story. One movement called for 15# dumbbell thrusters, up to that point I usually used 5# DBs in most workouts, and occasionally used 10# DBs, but NOT for anything overhead! After announcing vehemently that I couldn’t do thrusters with 15# dumbbells, Ross encouraged me to just try. I did a few reps and figured I would try to get 1 round. I ended up completing multiple rounds of the workout with 15# dumbbells! I was really proud of how I did on this workout!

What advice would you give to the person you were a year ago?

As far as advice I would give to the person and athlete I was a year ago, I would tell myself: focus on form, the heavier weights and harder movements will come with time; push through each WOD with a positive, can-do attitude as it helped my confidence grow, seeing that I could finish a tough workout; even through injury – keep moving, keep working out, everything is scalable, work with a coach on accessory work to help strengthen what needs improvement. Even after some injuries, I feel stronger now than ever before!

What accomplishment at the gym or in your nutrition are you the most proud of?

Though my nutrition has been consistent, I’m most proud of being able to do hanging knee raises now! For a long time I was fearful that I would re-injure my shoulder trying them. After spending considerable time working on breathing, core strength and stability, upper body dumbbell accessory work and LOTS of other accessory work (thanks Carl!),  I was able to safely hang, engage and raise both legs for entire workouts! I’m also really excited to be able to run, do box jumps, REAL burpees and even overhead squats now!

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