I can’t even run a mile

I can’t even run a mile.

If you’re afraid to step into a gym because of what you can’t do yet, you’re not alone.

We often hear from people who step into our doors for the first time that they just don’t feel ready for our classes. They’re afraid they can’t do the movements. But we’re here to tell you, you don’t have to be able to do anything!

We scale every single workout to your ability. If a workout calls for pull-ups, you will see people doing strict pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, ring rows, pull-ups from seated, banded pull-ups, and more. We use modifications not only to help people who are dealing with a preexisting injury or issue, but we also use them to help people build strength or skill to be able to do the movement.

We have clients who can’t run a mile. They take a break and walk. They shorten their run. But they keep moving.

And when they keep at it for a significant amount of time, something amazing happens. They can run farther. First they can run 200m without walking. And then 400m without walking. And then 800m. And then one day they are running a full mile without walking. And they feel amazing.

So you can’t run a mile? Come in anyway.

You can’t do a pull-up? Come in anyway.

You can’t lift a barbell? Come in anyway.

You are welcome here. We want to help you.

I’m ready.

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