Athlete Spotlight – Nate J.

Why did you choose Sycamore CrossFit? Why do you keep coming back?

I chose Sycamore CrossFit because I needed something new in my workouts. Over the years I have been pretty active while wrestling in college and being in the military. After my military career was over, I was pretty stagnant in the workouts I was doing seeing little to no results. I walked into SCF at about 285 pounds with the intention that this would get me competing and moving again. I managed to survive the first couple weeks, and then I was hooked. The atmosphere has kept me coming back. Every person that walks into the gym has goals and deals with similar struggles. It is our job as a community to encourage, embrace, and build each other up on a daily basis. I keep coming back because this dynamic of physical fitness is what works for me. I understand that this is not for everyone but the consistency of the coaches and community is what drives me.

What’s your best story about SCF?

One of the best stories I have from the gym is not something that I have personally accomplished. I really enjoy watching other athletes accomplishing difficult tasks in the gym. One of my favorite times of the year is the CrossFit Open. I really enjoy this because it gives me an opportunity to judge other athletes and be around like-minded competitive individuals. As a former wrestling coach and Non Commissioned Officer in the Army, I like to see how far I am able to push someone to achieve their goals. Judging during the open offers me the ability to motivate others while pushing them through barriers they never knew were possible. It is essentially that “AHA” moment, and that is something that I will never forget.

What advice would you give the person you were a year ago?

I am consistently in need of telling myself to slow down or take it easy. I am super competitive and really despise losing. knowing that showing up to the gym on a daily basis is a victory in itself. The training is going to do much more for me than a star next to my name or the number. I need to accept the small victories in life and eventually those will build into something monumental. I tell my clients on a daily basis that in order to maintain a certain lifestyle you need to win the day. By winning today, this gives you an opportunity to be successful tomorrow. If you are able to change one thing in a positive manner everyday for a year, you will be 365 times better in just that short period of time.

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