Am I strong enough?

When people want to join Sycamore CrossFit, they start with a Free Intro. This is a meeting where we find out about your goals, and we come up with a prescription for how we can best help you reach them.

One thing we hear a lot from people is that they’re afraid to come in. They know we lift weights. They haven’t lifted before. They wonder, am I strong enough?

Trust me, I get it.

When I started I did not have the ability to do a push-up from my knees. I couldn’t do many of the modifications for push-ups.

I could barely lift a 15-lb barbell by itself. I couldn’t add weights, because I wasn’t strong enough to lift it.

But I’m so glad I didn’t wait until I was “strong enough” to come. The whole point is to come in and get stronger!

We modify every movement. Every person’s workout is individualized to their strength and ability. Our modifications are designed to help you eventually be able to do the movement we are modifying.

Everyone is lifting a different weight. That’s okay. It helps us get stronger!

Starting without a lot of strength presents a lot of opportunity. You can get a PR (personal record) on every single lift you do.

In some ways, you will see your strength building immediately, like when you get a PR on a lift. In other ways, it will take a long time. For some things, a very long time.

You have to be consistent. You have to keep at it. But you definitely don’t have to be strong enough to start.

I didn’t wait until I was “strong enough.”

I’ve been at this several years. And now?

Now push-ups are one of my best movements.

Now I can throw around a decent amount of weight.

But what is the part that really matters?

Now I can carry my giant dog food bag around the store by myself.

Now I can lift my dog onto the table at the veterinarian.

Now I can carry my four- and two-year-old at the same time when they refuse to leave somewhere.

Now I can carry all 17 grocery bags in at the same time.


Now I feel strong. And I keep getting stronger.

I’m ready to get strong.

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