Parenting Is Hard Right Now

Parenting is hard right now.

Between remote learning, lack of activities, kids who feel cooped up, and a lack of support/”village,” it is nearly impossible.

This might seem like an odd and irrelevant sentiment to come from a gym, but we don’t think it is.

Parents need an outlet right now more than ever. They need to protect their mental health. They need to exercise. They need a moment for themselves.

Parents need to keep themselves fit so they can run around outside with their children when they can’t do it with their friends quite like they used to.

Parents need to keep themselves fit so they can be an example for their children who are trying to do physical education remotely.

Parents need to keep themselves sharp. Did you know studies have shown lifting weights and exercising helps with mental acuity? An extra edge mentally is imperative to help your children with their remote learning.

As a parent, it might feel like you don’t have time to lose one more hour in your day. But if that hour is for you, and if that hour gives you the mental clarity and escape to get more done in the other 23, then it’s worth it!

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