My teen needs an activity

It isn’t a secret. Teenagers are bored right now.

They’re beyond bored.

School is on a computer. They’re not as active as they used to be. Tons of activities are cancelled. Many sports are cancelled. They feel like everything is cancelled.

Some are suffering from social isolation and depression.

If you are looking for an activity for your teen, why not combine physical activity with social interaction?

Getting them involved in an exercise routine has numerous benefits:

  • Building strength
  • Increasing endurance
  • Improving mental acuity
  • Improving sports performance
  • Social interaction

Our new teens class may be the perfect fit for your child!

They can interact with their peers while being active and improving their health!

They’ll also be putting in the building blocks to be healthy into their adulthood. Good habits need to start when kids are young!

Our new teens class has just started, and there is still space available! Contact Coach Tony for more info.

Interested in personal training or have a younger teen? Contact us! We have limited personal training space available!

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