Meet the Coach – Kenneth

Kenneth started coaching at Sycamore CrossFit in January 2019 through an internship for his undergraduate degree. He has been coaching with us every since and is now pursuing his master’s degree.

He is focused on personal training and does an amazing job using his experience and education to help athletes become the strongest, fastest, and fittest versions of themselves.

When/how did your health and fitness journey begin?

My fitness journey started out when I was younger playing different sports. The way we move and function as humans caught my interest. I honestly liked pushing myself and the exercise. Making myself bigger, faster, stronger, and healthier has alway been my reason for exercise. The science behind this whole process has me hooked. Helping others reach their fitness goals excites me, and I’m very passionate about it.

When did you first start coming to Sycamore CrossFit?

I started coming to the gym in January of 2019.

Why did you want to become a coach at SCF?

I started at Sycamore CrossFit for my internship with NIU. CrossFit was completely new to me at the time. 

I wanted to coach at Sycamore CrossFit to help as many people reach their goals, while staying safe and having fun. There are more than enough options to help each individual meet their specific needs here. I needed to share my knowledge and passion of Health and Fitness with the community.  

What education/certifications do you have?
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science from Northern Illinois University
  • Currently pursuing a Master’s in Kinesiology/Exercise Physiology at Northern Illinois University
What is your favorite thing about coaching at Sycamore CrossFit?

My favorite thing about coaching at Sycamore CrossFit is being able to help people reach their fitness goals.  Everyone at the gym works hard. The members and the vibes also can’t be forgotten.

Why should people want to come take a class or do personal training with you?

Everything that I do is assist you in reaching your fitness goals. I will provide a workout that is modified to your physical capability. Safety is one of my biggest concerns. Each workout will challenge you both mentally and physically. I am big on positive energy and hard work. 

What is your favorite memory at Sycamore CrossFit?

My favorite memory at Sycamore CrossFit was after my first  group class workout.  I completely rushed through everything just trying to be fast and get it done.  After the workout I was laid out on the couch and couldn’t catch my breath at all.  The coaches came over and explained the importance of slowing things down for pacing and safety reasons.  I didn’t feel attacked or anything. From that day forward I have taken things completely different.  I have felt much better after workouts as well .

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