Keeping it Basic!

Do you find yourself over-complicating things when it comes to your nutrition?

Feeling frustrated over what you are putting into your body and planning your meals is more common than you think. Instead of putting so much pressure on yourself to be the “perfect” eater, try keeping things basic.

When planning your lunch or your kid’s lunch (school is coming back into session soon), think about choosing whole food options and including a source from each of the following categories:

Greek YogurtCucumberPearOlives
Deli HamBell PepperBerriesCheese

Choosing something from each category will help ensure that lunch is not only satisfying but also provides plenty of variety and nourishment. Just know that these categories are NOT limited to the food in this chart. You can add any of your favorites to the list too.

Remember to keep it basic and balance your meals out. Take a screenshot of the chart and save it for reference so you have it as a tool when you need it.

If you find it difficult to stay on track with a simple nutrition plan, I can help. Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes and a friendly reminder of basic tips to relieve stress and frustration around your food choices.

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