Is Personal Training for You?

When someone first starts at Sycamore CrossFit, we ask the simple question: ” How can we help?” Most athletes choose to start with our group classes and find that for some time that does allow them to reach their health and fitness goals. But, did you know we also offer Personal Training sessions? These can be done with any of our coaches.

How does a PT session differ from the group classes?

Well in a private session our coach will help you reach your goals faster. We can address sticking points in your form, fears, and frustrations. Time spent outside the group classes can be a pivotal game-changer. Yes, it can be more intense but it will also be individualized to focus on YOUR weaknesses. Say you haven’t had a major breakthrough in a while and want to work on some specialized drills, PT would be great for this! Having issues with mid-line stability? PT can get you stronger in the core. Need to improve your deadlift form? Again, PT would be the piece of the puzzle that you could be missing.

Our coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential. We want to keep you moving safely and efficiently while exceeding your goals. So if you are frustrated and want to be on the fastest path to progress, reach out to one of our coaches. We are willing and ready to help you. Personal Training sessions can be scheduled in thirty-minute and hour-long sessions.

If you want to learn more about personal training, schedule a goal setting meeting to talk about details

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