Don’t Sweat the Holidays

The holidays are approaching. This can be a time of confusion and mixed emotions for some. I certainly spent plenty of holidays avoiding rolls, doing an extra workout (or feeling guilty about not doing one). I also spent plenty of holidays eating plates of food to extreme discomfort. Neither of these situations is ideal.

What are your favorite holiday indulgences? Maybe a pie or cookie that only your Grandma makes taste that good. Enjoy the pie (or whatever it is that you love) on Thanksgiving. We shouldn’t feel guilty about eating ANY type of food nor should we EVER eat something & then immediately try to “correct it” by doing x number of squats, pushups, jumping jacks, etc. If you want a cookie, enjoy the damn cookie, & then lean right back into habits like drinking water and eating whole real foods.

Enjoy the time with your family and friends. Enjoy the nostalgia of foods you have enjoyed since you were little then get right back on track the next day. There should be plenty of leftover meat, sweet potatoes and roasted veggies for easy meal prep. Or be everyone’s hero and make some delicious turkey soup ( with the leftover turkey.


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Coach Chris

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