Athlete Spotlight – Tyler G.

Why did you choose Sycamore CrossFit? Why do you keep coming back?

I was going to my old gym 5 days a week, until COVID hit and my gym closed. I wasn’t doing anything, as working out from home was a challenge for me for a number of reasons. The summer started and that is when I knew I needed to do something. I had a friend who was going to the Sycamore CrossFit gym and suggested I try it out. I told my friend that I was nervous and even stated, “CrossFit, don’t you have to be in shape to do CrossFit?” My friend laughed and stated that I should just come in and check it out for myself. Very glad that I did.  I keep coming back for several reasons. I like the classes, which is all that I know because I started after COVID. I really like how I feel after the workout (both physically & mentally). I have had friends and family take notice of my progress, which is always another reason to keep coming back. It just works, it is as simple as that. I like how it all ties together to build onto a healthy lifestyle. I get excited to go to the gym again, especially with the flexibility of several class time options. I really enjoy the class aspect the most; from the stretching, to doing the workout, to building some great relationships with other members and coaches. I really like that if you are not ready to do an “RX” workout, the coaches do a fantastic job of modifying your workout, which still results in a great workout that still pushes you to new personal levels. A coach during the workout can see something you are doing incorrectly, show you how to correct it, and even tell you that you should feel it is this body part/muscle. I was really impressed by that, as well as the coaches’ focus on personal safety. I think what makes CrossFit different is that the people who choose to do it really make a “lifestyle choice.” It isn’t always easy, it is more expensive than a normal gym, but a lot of people who haven’t experienced it do not realize the impact it will make on your life.

What’s your best story about the gym?

One of my favorite personal stories happened during my 2nd or 3rd foundations class with Coach Mike. We were outside, preparing for the warm up and he told me to jog down to the fire hydrant and back. I did EXACTLY that and went into the grass to turn around at the fire hydrant. It was at this time, that I stepped in a hole and rolled my ankle. After I realized I had only hurt my pride (which Coach Eric always says to leave at the door), we both shared a laugh. He then told me that he would remember to tell everyone in future foundations class to stay in the parking lot!!

What advice would you give to the person you were a year ago?

I would say to not be afraid to challenge yourself by getting out of your “comfort zone.” Once you do this, GROWTH can begin. This is true in all aspects of life! I also would say taking time to educate yourself, before making a decision. I almost didn’t try CrossFit because of what I had heard about it or what I saw on TV. You see all these ripped athletes performing crazy movements on TV, which then makes you question if you can do it. I kept telling myself I will try CrossFit someday, but I need to be in shape, before I can join. This couldn’t be further from the truth and I would suggest to anyone who thinks like I did, to just come in and do a foundations class.

What accomplishment at the gym or in your nutrition are you the most proud of?

I would say the first night I was able to hit RX was a great feeling of accomplishment. I am just most proud of my consistency in showing up to the gym and giving it my all each night. I remember Carl telling me when I first signed up, that “consistency is the key.” I have always remembered that. Although I played competitive sports in high school and college, I was never able to perform a pull up. Through CrossFit, I now have been taught the proper form of the pull up movement, so I will continue to work each day on tackling this challenge. Don’t be surprised if you see me just randomly hanging on the bar, in between classes. 😊

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