5 Benefits of Workplace Wellness

What is workplace wellness anyway? It’s simple- It is an offering to people within the same work environment to achieve the same thing- better health. This can occur in various forms- seminars, nutrition and lifestyle challenges, fitness, or any variety of the 3!

While there are countless reasons to bring some wellness to your place of employment, there are 5 reasons that stick out the most!

  1. Community. A group of people working towards the same goal will encourage a sense of connectivity. When people work together having a positive sense of community is essential.
  2. Value. Not only will it drive people in the community to WANT to work for your company, but your current employees will feel a sense of value- they will KNOW you care about them by hiring a professional to help with their health.
  3. Happiness. In most cases, employees that feel valued will want to stay because they are HAPPY!
  4. Health. Every component of workplace wellness will provide stepping stones for you and your employees to get closer to achieving personal health goals. Healthier means less sickness, more time to enjoy being active, confidence, and can improve numerous other aspects of overall health.
  5. Productivity. Happy +Healthy = productive. Energy levels naturally increase when you eat better and develop better habits. Not to mention the better eating choices will prevent crashes after meals- this means you and your employees get more work done throughout the day!

If you or someone you know could benefit from implementing some workplace wellness please email info@sycamorecrossfit.com to learn more!

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