28 Day Challenge Update

Sycamore CrossFit’s 28 Day Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge was a fantastic kick-off to the new year. We had 21 participants making habit-based improvements to their nutrition and overall lifestyle to better align with their health and wellness goals. The physical changes that occurred during those 28 days were exciting, but most everyone would agree their non-scale victories were the highlight of the month! They reported feeling lighter, having more energy, being more productive, sleeping more soundly, waking up feeling more rested, progressing in workouts, and in general feeling better! 

I am thrilled to announce the winner of our 28 Day Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge – Jessica Cortez! In 28 days, Jessica lost 7.7 lbs, 1.7% Body Fat, and dropped 3.5 inches! More importantly, she’s realized the role accountability plays in keeping her on track and found a love for learning more about and improving her nutrition. 

Selecting a winner was tough, as everyone has experienced drastic improvements this month. Therefore, I have chosen three honorable mentions for different aspects of the challenge: 

Dedication – Samantha Balentyne

Participation – Sue Plote

Transformation – Nate Johnson (He lost 8 lbs, 4% Body Fat, dropped 6.5”, and gained 3 lbs of muscle!!!)

Also, I thought it would be great to share the physical transformation of the group this month.  Collectively, the challenge group lost 48.4lbs, 13.7% Body Fat, dropped 45.5”, and gained 6.25lbs of muscle in just 28 days! I’m excited to see the results this group will continue to see in the upcoming months of on-going nutrition coaching.

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-Coach Emily

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