Nutrition Achievement Spotlight: Phoebe B.

Today’s Nutrition Achievement Spotlight is: Phoebe B.

Phoebe had her second child in March of this year, and she started our nutrition program about a month later. Her main goal was to get herself back into shape without losing muscle mass or strength. Since April, Phoebe has lost 9 pounds and 4.6% body fat all while maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

After having her first child, Phoebe lost a great deal of strength and muscle mass, so a big priority for our nutrition coaches this time was to help her fuel her body properly for nursing and then later adding in exercise. “I realized that I probably wasn’t eating enough last time I was nursing, and my eating habits weren’t consistent enough.”

Phoebe was eating pretty healthy before, but tracking her food and meeting with a coach helped her to realize where she could make positive changes. “I was eating healthy before, but my meals were not balanced. I had no idea how many grams of carbs, protein, or fat I was eating, so everything was really inconsistent.”

Now that she is balancing her nutrients, Phoebe has noticed changes not only aesthetically and in her strength, but also in the way she feels. She has been able to increase her energy levels and feel better overall. “I was so happy to be able to eat well and gain muscle mass while nursing. I look better, but more importantly I feel better.”

Phoebe is a rockin’ mom with a rockin’ bod! Keep chasing those macros and kids!


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