Reaching Your Goals

We know it’s chaotic right now, so we wanted to share a problem-solving strategy with you.

It’s something you can use to accomplish just about anything. For example, you can use it to create your ideal lifestyle or career. You can use it to complete a home-renovation project. Or you can use it with us to make a plan to accomplish your health and fitness goals.

You can even use it to get through a very challenging day!

A secret: We use this strategy to improve our business all the time. With the pandemic ongoing, things are constantly in flux. So whenever we come up against a problem that seems overwhelming, we use this plan to find focus and then take clear action.

Here’s how to break things down into manageable steps that don’t seem so intimidating. Feel free to do this exercise mentally, but it might help to pull out a pen and paper so you can write things down. 

Start by thinking about your goal—your desired end state. Call that Point B. 

Then think about where you are currently. Call that Point A.

Draw a line between the two points.

Now, map the steps that lead from Point A to Point B. Break the journey down into key parts. What’s halfway? What’s halfway to halfway? What are the major milestones?

Note every step that will take you closer to your ultimate goal. 

Then take the first step!

Think of the old proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The hardest part? Starting. Once you have momentum and milestones, you’re much more likely to keep moving.

This process works wonders. Think about the goal of climbing Mount Everest one day. That’s very intimidating. There are probably a million things you’d have to do to accomplish that goal. Where would you start? What if Step 1 is simply “go to the store and buy mountain-climbing boots”? That doesn’t seem so hard, and once you’ve crossed it off the list, you move on to steps 2, 3 and 4.

Here’s one other tip: You can supercharge this process by getting someone else involved, like a friend, partner, mentor or coach. That person can provide objective insight, support, motivation and accountability. Or maybe you aren’t sure what the steps are and need an expert to help you lay them out. 

If you have health and fitness goals, we would love to go through this process with you. No matter what you want to accomplish, we can help you create a step-by-step plan that keeps you moving forward. Lose weight? Gain strength? Do a pull-up? Work out three times a week? Stay active during a pandemic? We can help.

If you have anything on your mind right now, contact us and let us know when you’d like to talk about it. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

P.S. The holiday season is coming. If you’d like to talk about how you can eat the foods you enjoy and accomplish fitness goals, we can help!

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