Athlete of the Week – Michelle Duffield

3 months ago Michelle jumped into our Foundations Class and hasn’t looked back since. She is extremely disciplined and has made health and fitness a priority in her life. Guys she consistently makes it to the 5:30 AM class! With her new found love of CrossFit, she is sleeping better, has less joint pain, and is already seeing changes in her body composition. We are so glad Michelle had the confidence to set up the No Sweat Intro to talk to Carl! We feel absolutely honored that she chooses Sycamore CrossFit to get her mornings started! Welcome to the family Michelle!

How would you explain your occupation to a 5 year old?  

I work in an office.  I make sure things are being done quickly, correctly and that everyone is happy.

How did you get started with CrossFit?  

I was turning 50 and freaking out.  Physically I was headed down a slippery slope unless I made some big changes.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?  

3 months.

What are your hobbies and interests outside CrossFit?  

Adventuring with my husband especially hiking, kayaking and biking.  Walks with our dog. Crocheting and soap making. Coming up with fun outings for my 2 grandkids.

What is your fitness background?   

Occasionally going to the gym to do 45 minutes on the elliptical.

Short-term training goal?   

My form with the bar so I can add more weight.  Increase my speed with things like running, bear crawls, burpees, etc.

Long-term training goal?  

Upper body strength.  I think being able to do a pull up would be the coolest thing ever.

What is your favorite movement?  

The rowing machine

What is your least favorite movement?  


Proudest moment in CrossFit so far?   

Being able to do a handstand against the wall.  Showing up for 5:30 AM classes.

What was your biggest obstacle to starting CrossFit and how did you overcome that?  

I thought I had to be in shape before starting CrossFit, but after meeting with Carl for an information meeting I felt like it was something I could try.  Then the Foundation Classes gave me a little more confidence.

What kept you coming back?   

The energy of the classes is contagious.  The coaches are always there with a modification or encouragement.  I noticed results quickly. I also love that there are NO mirrors anywhere.

Your advice for someone considering starting CrossFit?  

Don’t worry about how you look or your fitness level.  There are modifications for everything. Everyone is very nice.

How has Sycamore CrossFit changed your life?  

Prior to CrossFit I was dealing with joint pain.  I wasn’t sleeping good. I was always tired. I felt like a marshmallow.  Two weeks after CrossFit the joint pain disappeared. I’m sleeping better.  I have more energy. My calves came back and my arms are firmer :).

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