Why Sycamore CrossFit

Are you looking to increase your overall health and fitness among a community of like-minded individuals?

Our fitness program is results-based and our approach is through functional movement. CrossFit training increases energy levels, boosts metabolism, improves body composition, enhances performance, and elevates fitness, all of which improve quality of life! CrossFit is used to develop overall fitness, also known as General Physical Preparedness.

There is no better documented way to get prepared for life than General Physical Preparedness (GPP), but what is it? CrossFit has defined fitness as work capacity over a broad range of time and modal domains, also known as GPP. Everyday we unknowingly squat, lift, press, jump, throw, catch, run, and move our bodies using balance, coordination, and strength. Life is often unpredictable and requires a broad range of physical skills. CrossFit’s constantly-varied, functional movement prepares the body to handle all of life’s demands.

CrossFit is performed in a group setting. We use the fun commonly found in sports and other athletics to build camaraderie, competition, and intense output. This team dynamic motivates individuals to excel and be held accountable in order to earn the best possible results. We find that even highly motivated or self-motivated people push themselves harder and get better results at Sycamore CrossFit.

CrossFit is hard! But don’t be weary – anyone can do it! Overweight, young and old, prior injuries, dis-use injuries, you name it. We use a method of universal scalability: every workout and every movement can be scaled to the needs of each individual. We help the not-so-fit to become fit and the already fit to become elite.

Group Training

(Classes held daily)

Get more motivation with this intense group oriented training atmosphere. We unify athletes under a common goal and enhance fitness levels at the same time.

Personal Training

(Sport-specific also available)

One-on-one training with you and a certified trainer for detailed training in every fitness aspect. No more than three to a personal training session.