Your Health is an Investment, Not an Expense

Budgeting is important for all of us.

We have to keep on top of our expenses, especially the recurring ones.

At home, we like to categorize our expenses.

There are needs: groceries, bills, rent

There are must haves: internet, health insurance

There are wants: entertainment, going out to eat, coffee

So where does your gym membership belong? What about the cost of nutrition coaching?

Not everything is an expense. Your health is one of those things.

Another category is investments. Maybe you have a retirement savings. Maybe you have money in stocks. Maybe you have a savings account.

These aren’t expenses, even if you put money in them every month.

They’re investments! You will get that money back!

Your health is an investment, not an expense.

Healthcare is freaking expensive!

Medical costs for obese individuals are $2,741 more (150% higher) than normal weight individuals. (source –  Harvard)

Staying in shape, maintaining or reaching a healthy weight, improving your nutrition, and increasing your physical fitness may actually save you money. 

On top of that, better health can improve your quantity and quality of life.

You can do more. You can keep up with your kids. You will have an easier time completing everyday tasks.

You will enjoy your life more. You will feel better on a daily basis.

Is it time to invest in yourself?

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