Why personal training is gaining popularity

We’ve started to notice something about a lot of our newer clients. They aren’t all coming in for group classes. A lot of them are coming in for personal training.


Because it’s a seriously great time to do personal training.

  1. We want to keep our circles small. Personal training is perfect for this! It’s just you and your coach, which can be a much more comfortable setting in 2020 than a gym with a bunch of strangers.
  2. We want to prioritize our health. Nothing can remind us of how important and sacred our health is quite like a pandemic. The healthiest individuals are the safest right now, so it’s important to get your health to the best place you can!
  3. Stress levels are crazy. We all need to burn off some steam, and exercise is a great, healthy way to do that. But sometimes exercise can be stressful too, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. But a personal trainer guides you through the whole thing! It’s the least stressful way to exercise. A personal training session lets you put your body, not your mind, under stress.
  4. Personalized training programs yield the best results. If your health is important to you, then you want to get results. The best way and fastest way to do that is a program that is personalized to your needs. Your personal trainer will tailor everything to you and get you an awesome workout in a short amount of time.

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