Why is your gym so expensive?

Although many people come into our gym understanding that you get what you pay for, there are still some that are surprised at the cost. They wonder, why is your gym so expensive? But expensive is subjective, just like hot and cold. 

What is our gym expensive compared to? A $20/month gym that offers a weekly pizza party and hopes you never show up? Expensive compared to a video you workout to in your living room without accountability or atmosphere?

Is it expensive compared to the cost of preventable health issues and obesity-related diseases?

Gyms are not all created equally. At some gyms, you pay for access to equipment. Some of these gyms actually hope you don’t go.

At Sycamore CrossFit, you pay for coaching and accountability. You pay to come in and do a workout that has already been determined for you – one that’s designed to help you build muscle and endurance as efficiently as possible. You pay for someone to help you learn each movement and perform it safely and with correct. form. Above all, you pay for results.

What would you pay to add years to your life? What would you pay to add quality to your life?

Would you give up your $5/day Starbucks? What about two meals out to eat a week?

Life is about priorities. Are you prioritizing your health?

I’m ready to hear more.

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