Why I Do Friday Night Lights

Why do I participate in the FNL?  


I have participated in the CrossFit Open each year since opening the gym. The Open is comprised of five workouts over five weeks, and this year it starts with 19.1. The workouts are identified by their year and the order in which they appear in the Open series. The workouts will be released every Thursday during the five weeks of the Open, starting February 21st.  


During each workout announcement, I get excited, nervous, and anxious to hear what Dave Castro (director of the CrossFit Games) has come up with to challenge the CrossFit community.  I used to get a butterfly feeling before every sporting event I was a part of. This announcement process has me feeling it all over again! This will be my 9th Open experience, and I’ve learned something new about myself every year.  I have been able to watch myself become a better CrossFit competitor and see my fitness level progress.


I do not compete in the Open/FNL to be the best or to show off what I can do for others.  I’m proud of what I can do and I certainly try to keep up; however, my goal each year is to complete the workouts and get through as much as I can.  I enjoy seeing how I rank among my peers in the Open scoring, and I use it as an opportunity to pinpoint my weaknesses and set goals for the next year.


For me, Friday Night Lights, is about having a good time and sharing it with others.  It is the most fun time of year for myself as an owner, an athlete, and a friend. I have the opportunity to watch and celebrate with others as they accomplish things they never thought possible.  It brings me tremendous joy to hear from our members about how much fun they have at Friday Night Lights and tell me it is the highlight of their CrossFit year.


I participate in Friday Night Lights because I want to be an example to my fellow athletes – as coaches, we feel just like you do!  We hurt and fight and feel the workout just as much as everyone else. We feel a sense of accomplishment every time we complete the workout. And we also push ourselves past what we thought was possible.  I want to share the camaraderie with everyone and I want to inspire all of you to do your very best.  


Who is bringing their very best to Friday Night Lights this year? I can’t wait to see you there!

Carl Balentyne

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