Why can’t I do a double-under?

If you’re new to CrossFit, you may be mesmerized by the elusive double-under.

How do some people do them so easily? It looks effortless?

Meanwhile I’m over here whipping myself to the point where I have to wear long-sleeves and pants to work in July.

So what’s the deal?

Double-unders are a high-skill movement

Double-unders aren’t a movement you can fake. They aren’t a movement you can muscle through. 

They are an incredibly high-skill movement.

Double-unders take an incredible amount of coordination, and they are not something you can figure out quickly.

It takes a lot of practice

When you see people in the gym who look like they are performing double-unders effortlessly, it’s probably because they’ve been doing them for years.

Double-unders take a lot of practice.

If you really want to get good at them, you’ll need more practice than once a week or so in a workout. You’ll want to practice before or after class or even get your own rope to practice at home.

Consider signing-up for a skill session!

Our coaches can provide 30 or 45 minute skill sessions if there is something specific you want to get better at.

A skill session is a perfect way to have a coach watch your form, give you tips on helping improve, and even give you homework to help you get better.

If you want more info or to sign up for a skill session, email info@sycamorecrossfit.com.

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