What is YOUR Story?

Do you find that you gravitate towards all things health and wellness, however, you are not achieving your desired body composition changes or fitness goals?  So often we fall victim to telling stories about ourselves that influence participation in health behaviors and our confidence to engage in these behaviors on a consistent basis.

You’ve likely told yourself some of these stories… the ones involving the “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda…” language. Things like “I should be farther along in my fitness journey than I am,” or “I could look like that person if I only I was more consistent.” Whether we know it or not, these influence our overall health and wellness.

What is your story?
Who are YOU?

Is your story one that inspires and motivates you to engage in healthy eating and getting to the gym regularly? Or, do you tell a story about yourself that gets in the way of making progress in your health and wellness goals by engaging in emotional eating, or restrictive behaviors?

The mindset challenge lies in examining the story you are telling yourself about your body image, composition, fitness level, or even your daily workout and reconnecting with and acknowledging your own personal strengths and values to change what you see.  Next comes acceptance, and truly accepting where we are all at in our health and wellness journey.

What if we all challenged ourselves to define what it means to be the healthiest version of ourselves? When we accept that we are here today to make healthy choices and celebrate those choices, what could happen? Would we be in a better mindset to engage in healthy behaviors that lead to long-term engagement in our pursuit of health and wellness?

Send yourself positive messages about where you are at, and truly accept your place in your own journey. Embrace your strengths and acknowledge the hard work that you are doing. Celebrate that for every good quality food that you choose, every workout that you participate in, that you are gaining strength, function, and health.

Another way to stay engaged in your story, and staying accountable to long-term goal achievement is by receiving nutrition coaching. Proper nutrition and exercise together are truly the best way to have the happy ending in your story – one that includes quality of life without the burden of disease.

You are the author, editor, and illustrator of your own story. You are also the main character. The hero. When you accept where you are at in your journey, surround yourself with others with similar goals and values, and celebrate the small victories every day, you begin to rewrite the story of YOU, and grow to be the healthiest version of yourself.


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