United We Lift

As a business owner, I’ve always tried to stay out of politics. It felt like taking any sort of stand might isolate people who didn’t agree with it, and I’ve always wanted to make sure every person felt safe and welcome at Sycamore CrossFit.

But over the past few weeks (and in reality since our country began) black people have not felt safe. Let’s just focus on the facts. Another black man is dead. That is a fact. Black people do not feel safe. That is a fact. Whether racially fueled or not, this incident has incited worldwide outrage and brought to our attention the prevalence of racism in the United States and its affects on people of color.

Let’s go back to what Sycamore CrossFit wants – to make everyone feel safe and welcome. It’s clear now that in our country not everyone feels safe. Not everyone feels welcome. And we need to speak out so that they know they are accepted here.

You are welcome at Sycamore CrossFit.

Every race. Every religion. Every sexual orientation. Every political affiliation. Every body type. Every profession.

You are all welcome.

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