Turn back your clocks, not your progress

Tomorrow we all set our clocks back.

Don’t set your progress back along with them!

As we move into November and the weather starts getting colder, it gets easier to fall into bad habits. We also don’t know what to expect this year in particular.

  • We may be stuck in our homes more due to restrictions.
  • It’s harder to get out and move when the weather gets cold.
  • Our bodies naturally require more food as we work to keep warm, but it’s easy to overdo it.
  • The holidays often come with some bad nutritional choices.

Even with all of these things working against us, we also have a lot working for us.

  • We have all learned how important our health is.
  • Restrictions to where we can go and what we can do give many of us more time to focus on our health.
  • More meals at home means more control over our nutrition.
  • We may have realized how important it is to have a coach helping us with our fitness and nutrition.

Winter can make it easy to fall into bad habits.

Don’t let it!

Take this opportunity to move forward.

Prioritize your health. We can help.

I’m ready!

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