Try this Starbucks swap this Fall

Do you love pumpkin?

For many people pumpkin brings feelings of warmth, comfort, and maybe even good memories as it lights up your taste buds!

Sounds amazing right?

Did you know that most women should not be consuming more than 24g of added sugar per day and men 36 g of added sugar per day?

Wait– where did that come from, weren’t we just talking about pumpkin??

If the headline didn’t give you a warning on what this blog was going to talk about– here it is.

The grande Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte has 39g of added sugar 🤯 and 17g of fat.  Makes you want to just skip it right?

Instead of just skipping all that yummy goodness and good feelings we have the perfect swap for you! Try making a Healthy homemade pumpkin latte!

Recipe here:

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