The Magic Happens After 3 Months

You will hear us talk about the importance of taking a long term approach to your nutrition. We recommend 3-month commitments and avoid things like fad diets that are quick fixes. So why do we offer nutrition challenges? Sometimes it is necessary to stick your toes in the water before you jump in, but there is always an offer of help at the end to continue your progress.

3 months is truly just the beginning.

The magic happens after 3 months.

Magic – things start becoming more automatic and more effortless. Settling into a lifestyle of eating vegetables with meals, drinking more water, getting into a meal prep routine, scheduling time for exercise, choosing healthy foods over sugary or highly processed items. These things are just starting to fall into place and becoming less of a “chore” at the 3-month mark.

After 3 months, after you start to build your foundation of healthy habits, is when you can start to apply these habits in different situations. Let’s face it – life is rarely static. There are days that life likes to throw different challenges and stressors your way. Sticking with nutrition coaching after the 3-month mark helps to solidify your foundation, helping you to better deal with life situations and in turn, make better food choices despite the added stress.

We encourage you to not set an end date for your nutrition coaching. Think of this as an investment in keeping yourself accountable to achieving your long term goals.

Where do you see yourself a year, 2 years from now? The nutrition coaching program is committed to helping you stay on track with these long term goals, helping you to be the healthiest version of yourself.

It will take time to get you there. The magic starts to happen after the 3-month mark.

We are excited to help you get started on your journey!

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