The 2021 Sycamore CrossFit Open

We are excited to bring you the Sycamore CrossFit 2021 open to the gym over the next 5 weeks.   

The Open will kick off next Thursday at 7 pm CST. The official CrossFit Games Open announcement will be hosted live in California by Dave Castro, the Director of Sport for CrossFit. Tune in on to watch the workout be unveiled. 

Later that evening, and every Thursday following the open announcements, Sycamore CrossFit will have a small group throwdown where a few of our athletes will complete the workout. We intend on broadcasting this live to our members through Facebook live. 

Friday group CrossFit classes will be set up to complete The Open workouts with a counter/judge designated for each person.  We are going to split the class time and group in half to make sure everyone has an opportunity to do the workout and have a peer count/judge for them. There will be a general warm-up and workout-specific warm-up for everyone. The coach will cover strategy, modifying, scaling the workout before you attempt it. There is no way for us to know what will be presented for a workout each week so there are always pieces of this that are subject to change and our team will communicate with all of you as best we can.  

The Sycamore CrossFit 2021 Open Team Portion:

The draft will happen tonight at 8 pm starting first with randomization of non-competitive athletes followed by the captain’s choice of competitive athletes.  This will make up our three teams competing for the Sycamore CrossFit 2021 Open Cup. 

Each week, points can be earned by athletes through three categories:

Participation – 1 Point per person, workout must be completed at the gym with a counter or on Facebook live if done at home or abroad.  

Spirit winners – 3 points per person who showed the spirit of the open for weeks 1,2,3, and 5.  Up to 3 people can win each week.  Spirit winners will be chosen by subjective measures of enthusiasm, grit/effort towards the workout, support of others, and overall spirit of each week.  

Placement –  Top 3 Male and Female Rx athletes can earn points for their team.  3 for first, 2 for second, 1 for third.  For placement points, the workout has to be done at the gym with a counter.  If necessary, there will be a work requirement for each Rx category. 

In the past, each week of Friday Night Lights has always had a “theme.” Although the workouts will not be completed in large group settings on a Friday evening, team comradery can still be shown by participating in our weekly themes!!

This year’s themes are:  

Week 1Favorite Athlete, could be from any sport, any era, or however you want to interpret the theme for the week.  

Week 2Ostentatious, choose your own adventure and show us what the word ostentatious means to you.   

Definition:  attracting or seeking to attract attention, admiration, or envy often by gaudiness or obviousness: overly elaborate or conspicuous: characterized by, fond of, or evincing ostentation

Week 3CrossFit Tuxedo,  have you ever seen your coaches wearing the same color outfit from head to toe, we refer to this as the CrossFit tuxedo.  Show us your best rendition of a CrossFit tuxedo.

Week 4Our specialty event, thrift store dinner party.  Come dressed in your best rendition of going to a dinner party. There will not be an Open workout this week. We will be hosting a different activity on Saturday. More detail below. 

Week 5Team spirit, show off your team spirit in any way your team sees fit.  Use your imagination and have fun!  

Our special event is still a work in progress.  We are working on a fun challenge for each team to do together at the gym. This will be on Saturday, April 3rd in the afternoon, split up over 3 different times.  Expected start times for individual teams at 1, 2:30, and 4.   We hope to have more official details by next weekend so you can plan accordingly.  

We are so excited to host a fun event to celebrate your fitness accomplishments! Each year, we look forward to this season and seeing our community come together for more than just workouts.  Many of our members who have participated in the past will say this is one of the best times of the year!  

Don’t miss out on the fun, if you haven’t already registered to participate, you can sign up now by following this link:

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