Supplemental Programming

What’s supplemental programming?

At Sycamore CrossFit, we realize that people’s goals are not the same.

Some people come to us to lose weight. Others come to us to gain muscle and put on mass. 

Some people come to us to increase their cardiovascular endurance. Others come to us to get stronger. Still others come to us for both of these things.

But what if your goals are extremely specific?

What if you want to put in extra work because you have really big goals?

What if you don’t just want to be healthier and more fit, but you want to compete?

One great option for people who have big goals is personal training, but this isn’t quite the right fit for everyone. Another option is supplemental programming.

So what is it?

This is an individually designed program that provides additional work for you to complete outside of the gym. People may use this programming for a variety of reasons:

  1. They want additional exercises to do outside of the gym.
  2. They have a specific goal they are trying to reach.
  3. They have an injury-prone area they are trying to work to strengthen and prevent future injuries.

Supplemental programming is available to members so they can continue to attend the group classes they enjoy while having a little extra homework to do outside of class time.

Whether you’re looking to prevent an injury, push yourself beyond your current fitness level, or simply add in more of your favorite things (like weightlifting), supplemental programming has a lot to offer.

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