Start With a Clean Slate

There are likely several goals or resolutions that you have attempted in the past. Or diet plans or nutrition challenges that left you feeling unsuccessful. 

Well you are not alone. 

Research reports that at least two-thirds of people on diets will regain more weight than they lost.

Give yourself some grace. Put those negative experiences, outcomes and thoughts behind you and move forward with a clean slate. One of the best ways to start is by using the closet clean out strategy!

Tips for cleaning out your refrigerator and pantry:

Remove anything EXPIRED.

There are so many products we hang on to without realizing they are out of date. The first step to a clean-out is to check expiration labels and get rid of anything that is out of date.

Check the SUGAR content.

Sugar is added to many processed foods labeled as “healthy”! Did you know the American Heart Association recommends that kids (aged 2-18) and women consume no more than 25g of added sugar per day and men should consume no more than 36g? Check the nutrition facts label for added sugar in food products.

Check the FAT & SODIUM Content.

 Fat and sodium are stabilizers. Companies add these items to food products to make them last longer on the shelves. While we want to incorporate healthy fats from nuts, seeds and oils, we want to limit processed foods loaded with fat and added trans fat. Many sauces, soups and processed foods are loaded with sodium. Check the nutrition facts labels for added fat and sodium in food products.

Strategically place your whole foods. (We don’t mean the grocery store)

When you open the pantry you are more likely to grab whatever is i n your line of vision. What is the first thing you see when you open the pantry or fridge? Try moving all your whole foods to the top shelf of the refrigerator or your line of sight in the pantry.

Want more tips or guidance on where to go next? Hire a Nutrition Coach!

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