Soccer Club Strength and Conditioning with Sycamore CrossFit

Dates:  June 20th – July 28th  (No Class on July 4th)  

Ages 12-18

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10:15 AM-11:15 AM or 2:45 PM-3:45 PM

Class Limit to 8 at a time (5 person minimum to run)

Cost:  6 Weeks Paid in Full $225 

Soccer Club Sports Performance 10:15 AM (ages 12-18)

Soccer Club Sports Performance 2:45 PM (ages 12-18)

Ages 12-18:  Each day will include a warm-up for injury resilience.   We will focus on 2 main lifts for lower and upper body strength   Then finish with a faster-paced conditioning workout using bodyweight, lighter loads and some cyclical work (for example running, rowing, maybe jump rope)  Goal will be to increase each athlete’s skill with weighted movement to improve their strength and resilience on the field.  

Ages 8-11

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9:15 AM-9:50 AM or 2:00 PM-2:35 PM

Class Limit to 4-5 at a time 

Cost: 6 Weeks Paid in Full $225 

Soccer Club Sports Performance 9:15 AM (ages 8-11)

Soccer Club Sports Performance 2:00 PM (ages 8-11)

Ages 8-11:  Each day we will focus on the skill of a movement.  The workout will incorporate that movement along with others and a challenge to keep them engaged.  The goal is to introduce the kids to moving well and understanding what their body is doing with a load.  Finally to have fun and make it not feel like it is working out.  

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