Shift Your Mindset Today!

Have you ever heard that you are what you THINK you eat?

Recent literature reviews have shown that there is a direct correlation between mindset with the amount of food consumed as well as the quality of food chosen.

For example, have you or anyone in your inner circle ever said “I am just a picky eater?” According to what we are learning about having a growth mindset, when we resign ourselves to being a picky eater we limit ourselves to being open to the idea of even trying something new!

Here is another example– I think we have all been guilty of saying “man this workout is going to suck.”  

Once again, we just limited ourselves to accepting the “fact” that we are going to have a crummy workout when in reality we could have a very enjoyable workout. Not to mention if we say it outloud we could have just set the stage for our workout buddies to not enjoy the workout too.

When it comes to our mindset we can easily limit ourselves and “predict” our own outcomes OR we can try to shift our inner and outer dialogue.

So here are two things to try:

Instead of saying: I start the day off with green juice only, to restrict calories.

Try this: I feel best when I start the day with a healthy, balanced breakfast.


Instead of saying: I was still hungry, over-ate and ruined my whole day.

Try this: I felt so good today, I deserve a healthy sweet treat.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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