Realistic Weight Loss

In a world full of instant gratification, we understand why you would expect to achieve rapid weight loss. 

But here’s the problem with rapid weight loss: it’s not sustainable. 

We want to make healthy habits last for long-term success. Setting realistic goals is the first step. 

Here are 3 tips when setting realistic goals.

  1. Write your goals down and keep them visible. Spend some time thinking about your “WHY” and how you are going to feel once you accomplish your short and long-term goals. 
  2. Set short and long term goals, and make them as specific as possible. Realistic weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week and on average we see 1-2% body fat loss per month. Set a goal per week, per month, in 3 months and what you want to accomplish in one year. 
  3. Track your progress. This doesn’t mean getting on a scale multiple times throughout the day. We recommend weighing yourself no more than once per week. Make sure you test biometrics at the same time of day, ideally first thing in the morning. 

Success leads to motivation. Setting a goal and then crushing it will help you stay motivated to continue. 

Remember, your journey to optimal health isn’t a straight line. Know there will be bumps in the road but if you have a support system and keep your goals visible, it’s easy to get back on track.

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