Our long term goal: YOU!

We want to be your gym for years—decades, even.

We think about this constantly because we know that we do our best work over a long period of time. A few months just aren’t enough to change someone’s life no matter how good the fitness or nutrition program is.

Sure, you can make a significant impact in a few months. But changing habits, setting new patterns and truly improving health? All that takes longer. And health can also get worse if a person leaves the gym and falls into old habits.

Fitness is one of those use-it-or-lose-it things, and it must become an essential part of your life. So we’re always thinking about how we can be your gym for years to come. We’re always thinking up ways to serve you better, and we’re never going to stop offering you even more value.

Did you know USA Today once reported that 67 percent of gym memberships go unused? Another article on Creditdonkey.com reported that 80 percent of people who join a gym in January are gone by May. What a tragedy! Think about what those people might have accomplished if they had stayed for more than 5 months.

The Creditdonkey.com article also had this line: “Gym owners actually expect disloyalty—and are fine with it.” They’re saying that most traditional gyms want to sell a ton of memberships and couldn’t actually accommodate the members if they all came to work out. It would be too crowded. But the owners know most people don’t come, so they keep selling.

This aspect of the fitness industry is incredibly sad to us, and we’ve set up our gym exactly the opposite way. Our business is designed to keep you on track, and if you’re not coming, we’re failing.

It’s our mission to help you accomplish your goals, then help you set new ones, then accomplish those, too. That’s why we’re always inviting you to talk about your goals, that’s why we notice if someone misses a few days, and that’s why we constantly upgrade our business to serve our clients better. We can’t win if our members don’t win. We succeed when they succeed!

So here’s our general long-term goal: We want to help you become or stay healthy for life and accomplish all your fitness goals.

With that in mind, do me a favor:

Think 2 years into the future and imagine you’re feeling absolutely thrilled about your health and fitness. You’re walking on air and full of satisfaction. What would have changed over that 2-year period? What would you have accomplished?

Some might be thinking about weight loss, others might be thinking about squat PRs, and others might be thinking about 104 weeks of consistent workouts.

Think hard! What would make you feel like a superhero on that day 2 years in the future?

Email me at cbalentyne@sycamorecrossfit.com and tell me exactly what you thought of.

If you do, you’ll help me improve our business and provide more value to you. You’ll give me incredible insight. In return, I promise to give you a path to accomplish your goals, and I’ll work tirelessly to make sure our business can provide everything you need.

So what do you want to accomplish over the next two years?

Carl Balentyne

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