Our Gym Doesn’t Look Like a “Gym”

We opened Sycamore CrossFit in 2011 a month before our wedding. We got started with a small loan. We didn’t have corporate financing. We didn’t have government grants. We didn’t have a large hospital system funding us.

When we opened, our facility was approximately 2400 square feet, and we only used about half of it. We had a handful of barbells, a homemade pull-up rig, 5 medicine balls, and 5 squat racks. And two employees.

Our small budget (especially compared to what it would take to open a typical big box gym) was actually an advantage: Instead of focusing on all the fancy equipment and mirrors, we could only afford to buy the basic equipment and focused our efforts on our coaching and our community.

Since we didn’t have the means for a marketing budget, we relied on giving great coaching and the best experience possible to help spread the word about Sycamore CrossFit! And that meant we had to deliver.

The day finally came. We got our equipment. We started painting, moving heavy flooring, and we got to work.

We made a lot of noise, we programmed fun workouts, and we got people fit

We’ve been open for almost a decade now. We’ve gotten a lot better at a lot of things. Our facility is now 6400 square feet, and we have 11 employees. While we’ve upgraded some equipment, you still won’t find rows of “typical” gym machines. Instead, you’ll see people doing burpees, squats, pull ups, deadlifts, and more, because that’s what actually works. And it’s more fun!

When you come to our gym, you will see a lot of open space. You may ask yourself, “Why?” or “Where are all the machines?” Results require movement, and movement requires lots of space! If you want to get fit or healthy you are going to be moving a lot. If quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that getting fit doesn’t require fancy equipment. It requires accountability and motivation.

Everyone who comes into Sycamore CrossFit has, at some point, visited or been a member at another gym. When we sit down and talk about their goals and their struggles, almost all of them say, “I enjoyed it for a while, but I just didn’t see any results.” There were lots of things that drew them to those gyms. It may have been the fancy machines or locker rooms. It may have been the price. But eventually they realized they needed accountability and motivation – they needed a coach.

Professional coaches (the ones whose livelihood depends on getting results for their clients) use things like bodyweight movements, rowers, barbells, boxes, and, most importantly, science-based nutrition strategies. They choose what works over what’s “typical.” They adjust workouts and movements to fit each client based on their needs and goals. 

At Sycamore CrossFit we have everything you need and nothing you don’t.

You are in and out in an hour. No wasted time, no wasted space, and lots of coaching!

We are glad we started simple and focused on results, because the results speak for themselves. Our clients are fitter and healthier than they were when they were at the gym that cost $20 per month. We may not look like a traditional “gym,” but thats part of our secret. Come in and see for yourself.

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