Nutrition Spotlight: Sue Plote

Sue began personal training at Sycamore CrossFit in July of 2020 and added the nutrition program to her regimen in January of 2021. With the guidance and support of her “Dream Team”, she’s not only physically stronger, but self reflection on her journey has made her mentally and emotionally stronger, too. Sue has had incredible weight loss success – losing 53.3 lbs and 8.8% body fat – but her nonscale victories are even more remarkable! 

What has been integral to your success in working towards your health and wellness goals?

Consistency has been one of the most important factors for me.  I committed early on to doing what I needed to do to meet my goals…and I did it…even when I didn’t feel like it.  I also made (and met) mostly non-scale small goals.  This really helped me stay motivated and consistent.

What are some non-scale victories that you’ve experienced during nutrition coaching?

The non-scale victories are the best victories…and there are many!  The most important are those related to my overall health.  My most recent blood work notes that my A1C has decreased from 13.7 to 5.3…and I’ve been able to reduce my blood pressure medicine by half.  Others include increased energy, lowered inflammation, and better balance.  I’ve learned about my own “rabbit holes”, and I’ve learned to stay away from them to help me to not only stay on track but to feel so much better.  I’ve learned that healthy food can be delicious…and I’ve started to love cooking again.  And seriously…this is just the beginning!

What advice would you give someone who is considering the nutrition program, but afraid to sign-up?

I’d say…just get there!  You will be met with the support and understanding of the entire SCF community, including the amazing coaches who will be there to assist and support you every step of the way.  Be open to learning all there is to learn, work with your coach to build a plan that works just for you and participate in the online incredible nutrition community.  You’re totally worth it!

Sycamore CrossFit is proud of Sue’s commitment to improving her overall health. She is truly an inspiration!

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