Mindful Vs. Restrictive

Are you an all or nothing type of person, especially when it comes to the holidays?

Do you say things to yourself  like “I already blew my diet so I may as well keep going and start again next week” or “I won’t be able to stay on track this holiday season so at least I can enjoy it”?

Pause for a moment and reflect on how that approach has been working for you. How do you feel mentally and physically afterwards?

Most people will agree that it hasn’t helped them reach their goals and they don’t typically feel energized or motivated with the all or nothing approach.

Let’s try an exercise this holiday season to break the cycle– I promise it is simple.

This year be more mindful  and less restrictive with your choices. Yep that’s it.

You may be thinking– I have no clue what you mean. Here are two examples below:

  • Passing on a treat because you are full or you would rather have something else instead of passing up on things completely.
  • Enjoying a slice of pie because it is your favorite or it’s not something you would make for yourself instead of scarfing it down because it’s there for the taking.

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