Keeping Kids Moving Without School and Sports

If you’re a parent, we understand this is a super challenging time. And even if you don’t have kids, you probably know someone who’s struggling with pent-up children who aren’t getting enough activity.

As the COVID crisis continues, kids just don’t have enough to do. Sports programs and after school activities have been canceled, play dates are out, schools are completely different and playgrounds are off limits. 

We knew kids needed to be healthier before the pandemic, and now many options just don’t exist anymore—at least for now. 

We can’t let our kids down. And I know many parents are stressed right out trying to keep kids entertained while dealing with all the other chaos of work and home life. We can’t let parents down, either.

With that in mind, I wanted to give you a bunch of ideas for at-home exercise with kids. Use them yourself or pass them along to parents who are at their wit’s end.

Tip 1:

Make it a game. That’s a HUGE secret. Sure, we teach kids about fitness, but we do it by emphasizing fun. Kids need to have a blast or they’ll head back to their screens, so we find all kinds of creative ways to get kids moving with games, challenges, quests and adventures. Don’t go for a bike ride. Go on a quest to find the giant magic pine cone! And make sure to unlock all the pine cone’s powers by doing 10 burpees or tuck jumps.

Tip 2:

Switch things up before kids get bored. In show biz, it’s always best to leave the audience wanting more. Same deal with kids. Don’t wait for an activity to fizzle out and get boring. Make a change before the energy dies and your kids will want to play the game again soon.

Tip 3:

Do physical activities with your kids. I know you’re crushed these days and just want to park on the couch with Netflix. But if you do that, your kids will get locked onto their screens as well. Activity will help you blow off some stress, and if you invite your kids to move with you, you’ll all feel better. 

Tip 4:

Make chores a fun family affair. Seasons are changing, and kids always enjoy jumping into a pile of leaves—or snow, when that comes. Get your kids to join in on the yard work—but don’t call it that. Say, “Hey, Sam. Want to make the hugest pile of leaves on the block?” or “Wanna see how big a snow pile we can make?”

Tip 5:

Get creative! Try parking the car just a little further away. Or “run out of gas” and walk to the station carrying a few jugs. Or send an “important letter that has to get in the mail RIGHT NOW!”

Tip 6:

Try to limit sugar and processed foods. You’ve seen what happens when kids crush candy: They get a burst of energy, then crash. This isn’t really a “fitness tip,” but by keeping kids from extreme peaks and valleys, you’ll have a better chance to get them moving. And they’ll be healthier.

Tip 7:

Dance! It doesn’t feel like exercise, but it is. Crank your favorite tunes and shake it with your kids. This is an incredible stress reliever, and it’s good for you!

Tip 8:

Check with us about what we can do to help you and your kids. Local regulations for gyms are always changing, and we’re on top of everything. We’re following all the rules and adjusting our programs to make sure everyone stays safe. Talk to us to see what we’re doing at the gym for kids. But we can also put together “family training plans” you can do at home with your own equipment. We have TONS of experience creating fitness games and modifying activities with common household items, and we’d be happy to talk to you anytime to find out how we can help.

Most of all, keep smiling. I know it’s a tough time, but we’ve got your back—as always. If there’s anything we can do for you, please reach out and let me know!

And do me a favor: send this to any parents you know who need a bit of help.

P.S. Kids can’t resist a treasure hunt. Hide some stuff around the yard and set your little adventurers loose.

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