It’s Summertime Somewhere

Vacation season is in full-swing, and many of you have been leaving for some exciting locations! It can be tough to come back after taking a large chunk of time off, and sometimes getting moving helps you to feel good and have more energy to enjoy your time away!


Here are 5 at-home workouts that you can do anywhere in the world! We have also created a folder filled with different Travel WODs in our private members-only Facebook group!


Workout 1

3 Rounds:

Run 400 meters

50 Mountain Climbers

50 Air Squats


Workout 2

21 Reps of each, followed by 15, followed by 9:

Goblet Squats (a gallon of water is fine)

Push Ups

Sit Ups


Workout 3

As many burpees as you can complete in 7 minutes


Workout 4

50 Reps of each, followed by 40, 30, 20, and 10:

Walking Lunges

Sit Ups


Workout 5

10 minutes total:

30 seconds handstand (can balance against a wall)

30 seconds plank


Additional Tips

Remember that you can always add elements of complexity, or scale the movement back, depending on your abilities. If it’s too easy, add additional weight (two gallons of water overhead for walking lunges, hold a gallon during sit ups, etc). If it’s too hard, start out with half of the reps and work your way up next time.


Either way, focus on great form, get the work done, and have fun! If you need help with anything, please reply to this email and let us know.

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