It’s just one cookie…

Today at lunch I was offered a cookie.

Not a big deal, right?

No, it’s really not. It’s okay to have a cookie sometimes.

But other times it’s not.

So how do I know when it’s okay and when it isn’t?

Ask yourself, am I still hungry? Sometimes I see a dessert and it sounds good, but I’ve already eaten more than enough. I make myself feel sick from eating too much. It doesn’t end up being worth it.

Ask yourself, can I stop at one? Sometimes I tell myself I’m going to have one cookie. And then one more cookie. And then one more cookie. Five cookies later I end up feeling sick and having eaten a full day’s worth of calories in cookies. Zero nutritional value.

Ask yourself, is this a treat or a pattern? If you haven’t had a treat all week, treat yo’self! If it’s Sunday afternoon and you’ve had 4 cheat meals so far this weekend, it might be a good time to skip the cookie.

Ask yourself, is it worth it? When I’m offered a dessert I absolutely love, I will eat it. But sometimes I get offered a cookie I’m just not that into. Skip it. If you’re going to treat yourself, make sure it’s something you really enjoy! If you eat a bunch of fat, calories, and sugar, it shouldn’t be mediocre. Ask yourself whether this treat is worth more than your goals.

You have to allow yourself treats sometimes, or your nutritional habits will not be sustainable. However, you want to make sure that your treats are (1) worth it and (2) sporadic. If you’re treating yourself all the time, you won’t reach your goals.

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