Is it safe yet?

There is a question we know a lot of people are asking themselves about going back to the gym – is it safe? 

There is some good news – some preliminary studies are suggesting that going to the gym is just as safe as staying home.

We cannot guarantee anyone’s safety, but we are following guidelines and bringing in extra measures to keep you safe.

A lot of our new clients have brought up feeling safer at our gym due to its size, which is one of their reasons for checking us out. We agree that due to our smaller size we can bring in some excellent safety measures.

#1 We are a private facility

One thing about Sycamore CrossFit that is helping people feel safe right now is that we are a private facility. One of our main values is to be inclusive, but you still need a membership to come to class.

Some gyms might see thousands of people go through the facility in a single day. We will only see about 125 go through – ever. 

That’s less people in a week than the grocery store, the hair salon, and even the dentist’s office.

#2 We’ve made some major changes

We are taking Covid-19 seriously, and while we don’t ask people to wear masks while working out, we have made some major changes to keep our clients safe.

  1. Everyone washes their hands before class
  2. Classes are capped at just 10 people
  3. We have 10×10 squares taped off on the floor to separate clients during group classes
  4. No one shares equipment
  5. Every piece of equipment gets cleaned after every single use
  6. The floors are cleaned daily
  7. Our facility is 6400 sq ft and has two giant garage doors and a double front door for maximum airflow

Our goal is for everyone who walks into Sycamore CrossFit to feel safe.

Safe from judgement.

Safe in their movement patterns because there is a coach leading every class.

And now we can add to the list – safe during a pandemic.

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