I’m too old.

I’m too old to join your gym.

No, you’re not! We have members of all ages from their teens all the way up to their seventies. We even have a specific longevity class! 

Since every movement is scalable, people of every skill and ability are able to adjust movements to their personal fitness level. You can lift lighter weights, do slightly different movements, adjust reps, and more.

I shouldn’t lift weights at my age.

False! Did you know by their early 40s most people lose about 5% of their muscle mass each decade? According to this New York Times article, older people who lift weights can slow or reverse this descent and can even gain muscle mass, strength, mental acuity, and improved metabolism. Did you know lifting weights even helps prevent osteoporosis?

I’m afraid I’ll injure myself.

We work hard to help every athlete move in a way that is safe for them. We scale movements, and we work to help people become stronger so they are less likely to injure themselves outside of the gym.

People can injure themselves doing almost anything, but building strength will help you to avoid injury. Our longevity class is also geared toward low impact exercise to help you feel more comfortable and safe.

Whether you’re 20, 50, or 90, we would love to have you at Sycamore CrossFit.

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