I Want to Put on Mass

A lot of the people who walk into Sycamore CrossFit are looking to lose weight. But there are also a good number who come in to put on mass.

If you are someone who feels scrawny or has an extremely hard time gaining muscle, there are some important steps that can help you get to where you want to be.

Just ask our owner, Carl, who went from being 145 to 195!

So here are three important steps to gaining mass:

Lift Weights

You’re definitely going to need to lift weights to put on mass.

You need to lift heavier for less reps, and you may need to cut back on your cardio.

Getting a personal trainer or joining a group class with a coach who can help you choose the right weights and movements for your goals will be important to getting the results you want.


Find the right nutrition program. You will probably need to increase how much you eat, but you need to do it in the right ratios. If you eat more in the wrong ratios, you will not gain the type of mass you want.

Getting a nutrition coach can help with this.

be consistent

Consistency may be the most important part.

If you lift weights sporadically or if you eat the right way some of the time, your results will take a lot longer than they need to.

Commit to your goals. Get a coach.

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