I have a bad back

It seems like once you hit thirty you start to have back issues. It’s just part of getting older.

We have a lot of people who come see us who tell us they were nervous to start or even come in to meet us because they have a bad back. They are concerned about injuring it by moving incorrectly.

But that’s exactly why having a coach is invaluable!

Can you hurt your back in a gym? Yes.

Can you hurt your back lifting a bag of dog food? Absolutely.

Both happen when we aren’t lifting properly.

Our coaches are here to help make sure you are moving properly and learning to lift safely and correctly.

The great news is building up strength will help! 

If you don’t have a lot of strength, you can injure your back very easily lifting something fairly light in your everyday life. However, if you learn to lift safely at the gym and become stronger, you are much less likely to have these everyday movements cause you an injury.

You can still hurt your back from overuse, but if you are concerned about an area that causes you pain, we are there to help keep you safe!

Take it from one of our newest members:

We are into the second month after our Foundations and the coaches are very attentive to our movements and techniques. For example, my wife has back pain and we thought she might not be able to do CrossFit, but the coaches at Sycamore CrossFit cater certain movements for her needs and she’s loving the workouts.

No matter what type of prior injury or pain you are dealing with (back, knee elbow, etc.), we can cater every movement to your abilities. Your safety is our number one priority.

And the great news is we have even been able to help people get out of chronic pain!

Life can be painful if you are not strong enough to get through your everyday movements.

Maybe it’s time to get stronger!

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