How Food Affects Your Mood

Rough week at work? Not feeling like your head is in the game? Feeling unmotivated? 

Have you ever considered how your food may be affecting your mood? What about how your unmanaged stress is holding you back from reaching your goals?

You may be thinking, “how does the food I eat affect the mood I am in?!” Well, studies have shown that diets high in fruits and vegetables, modest in lean protein, and void of many processed sugars and foods is associated with a 25-35% lower risk of depression when compared to a typical “westernized diet”. 

Ever further research has shown us that a westernized diet as well as a diet high in sugar can:

  1. Cause chronic inflammation 
  2. Impact your immune system
  3. Decrease focus and memory 
  4. Increase symptoms of anxiety
  5. Increase fat accumulation

Odds are you have experienced mental fog or fatigue in a work week or even spouts of feeling unmotivated. But don’t worry, we want to help you find the best version of yourself! 

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