How does our nutrition program work?

With all the different diets out there, we know it can feel overwhelming to know what diet is right for you. 

In fact, most of our clients have tried a few of those popular diets before asking us for help! 

Did you know 90% of people will regain the weight they lose during a weight loss program. 


Because they failed to create lifelong sustainable habits needed to maintain the weight loss. 

If you want to achieve lasting results, you don’t need a restrictive diet, you need a healthy lifestyle. 

Our nutrition coaches work with clients to do two things:

  1. Help them create a simple and sustainable plan
  2. Provide support and accountability to stay on track

Our nutrition coaching program is a 12-week commitment because we know it takes time to create healthy habits and we want to set you up for long-term success! 

Our program is guided, tested and proven! We didn’t create this program overnight. In fact, we partnered with the experts at Healthy Steps Nutrition who have helped over 30,000 people worldwide. 

If you are ready to become the healthiest version of yourself, I want to help you! 

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 We look forward to seeing how I can help you on your nutrition journey. 

Let’s do this!

PS- Did you know you do NOT have to be a member of our gym to become a nutrition client? That’s right! Our nutrition program is open to the public! 

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