How do I stay motivated?

We’ve all been there. You decide to start something new. It might be a new diet or a workout routine or maybe even a new hobby. You have so much motivation! You’re ready to go crush your new goal!

Then over time it starts to fade. Maybe you go from working out 5 days a week to working out 3 days a week. Then you’ve got a few more excuses. Suddenly it’s one day a week. if you’re lucky. Then a few months later you realize you haven’t worked out in weeks and you cannot figure out what happened.

No matter how it happens, we could all use a few motivation tips to keep us going past the time when most people quit.

This HuffPost article talks about four reasons people quit their workout programs. So let’s talk about some tips to avoid them.


Having accountability will help you maintain your motivation to continue on your nutrition or exercise program. We offer accountability in two ways:

  1. Coaching – Every workout or personal training session is led by a coach. Our nutrition program includes regular accountability and check-ins.
  2. Community – We’ve built an incredible community of individuals there to work alongside you, attend class with you, and help motivate you when you’re starting to lose sight of your goals.

setting attainable goals

Every person who comes to Sycamore CrossFit starts with a free intro – this is a conversation where you talk about your goals, and we join you in creating a plan to achieve them. This plan often includes some combination of personal training, nutrition, and possibly group classes. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve.

But what about after that?

It is imperative that our clients continue to set attainable goals even after they’ve been with us for years, because it’s a huge factor in staying motivated! Our members are offered regular goal setting sessions where they can review progress toward previous goals, come up with a new plan of action if needed, and set new goals!

Our nutrition program comes with regular goal setting sessions as well, and we continually check progress to make sure you are achieving the results you desire.

keep changing it up

Doing the same thing over and over again, even if it’s getting you results, can become boring! So keep your motivation by doing a workout program that isn’t repetitive.

Our workouts are constantly varied. Unless we’re testing our progress, each day’s workout is something you’ve never seen before. And every day is a total body workout.

Our nutrition program does not follow a one size fits all approach. We work with the things you like to eat, and we make changes based on your progress. Eating chicken, rice, and broccoli every single night will probably help you lose weight, but it may become so boring that you end up having a lot more cheat meals and hampering your results and progress.

A sustainable fitness or nutrition plan must include variety!

I need some motivation!

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